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Web Services Agreement


This agreement is between   Wallis International Networking Services   (hereafter call the Provider) and (hereafter call the Client) and covers the provision for World Wide Web services through the Providers' systems.


The Provider agrees to establish and maintain the following based on account type selected by Client:

    Preferred Web Page
    $25 per month - Web page serving using fast Apache web servers
    - URL of http://www.wallis.com/{UserID}/
    - Web usage statistics
    - 1 Telnet UserID

    Web Page DNS Alias
    $10 setup +
    $30 per month
    - Web page serving using fast Apache web servers
    - URL of http://www.{domain.name}/{UserID}/
    - You MUST be the registered owner of Domain
    - Primary and Secondary DNS services
    - Web usage statistics
    - 1 Telnet UserID

    Premium Web Page Virtual Domain
    $10 setup +
    $40 per month
    - Web page serving using fast Apache web servers
    - URL of http://www.{domain.name}/
    - (You MUST be the registered owner of Domain)
    - We can submit the Domain registration as part of the setup
    - Web usage statistics
    - 1 Telnet UserID
    - Primary and Secondary DNS services

    Co-located Web Server
    $125 per month - Locate a Client-owned server machine at our site
    - 10BaseT Ethernet connection to our switch
    - Primary and Secondary DNS services

These allow the Client to establish and maintain web sites and services without the need for additional staff to setup and maintain the necessary web servers and data lines.

While the Provider does not produce Client web code, HTML or scripts, the Provider does maintain a URL (http://www.wallis.com/venders.html) with links to individuals, groups and businesses that can provide those services for hire.

The Client understands and agrees that above services are for "normal usage" sites of up to 50,000 hits per day on an averaged basis (we understand about "Site of the Day" loads). For sites expecting or achieving higher volumes and/or needing special bandwidth provisions, additional options at additional prices are available. The Provider will make available a copy of the Exceptional Bandwidth Agreement for clients interested in or needing such extra support.

While there are currently no restrictions on disk space usage, sites with storage requirements significantly above average may wish to co-locate an IDE disk drive on our server to meet their requirements. No additional charges are involved, but no additional support is provided either.

We do back up user, web and system data on a daily basis and trasfer those archives to a dedicated backup machine. We keep a week's worth of archives from our servers and these backup services are available for co-located machines for a nominal fee.


The following additional services can be selected on a mix and/or match basis:

    Domain Name Registration
    $10 setup - Preparation and validation of domain name
    - Submission of NEW Domain Name to InterNIC
    - NOTE: InterNIC fees are NOT covered and must be paid separately to InterNIC

    Domain Name Update
    $10 setup - Submission of UPDATED Domain Name to InterNIC

    Email Forwarding
    $10 per year - Forward all mail to a single outside email address

    Email Filtering
    $10 per month - Forwarding of multiple addresses under your control

    Telnet UserID
    $5 per month Setup of additional telnet user(s) to same account space


The Provider will electronically remind the Client on the 1st of the month prior to renewal and invoice the Client on or about the 15th of the month prior to renewal. Prompt response from the Client will ensure uninterrupted service.

Checks should be made payable to Wallis International. Payment can be made via PayPal if so desired. Provisions for automatic assignment to a valid credit card can be made at the request of the Client.


The Provider will promptly notify the Client in the event of a declined charge or a returned check. A declined charge must be corrected by payment in check within 10 working days. A returned check must be corrected by a postal money order, bank draft or certified check within 10 working days. Failure to correct will result in automatic cancellation of services.


The Client is expected to provide their own equipment to connect to the Provider. The Provider will establish and maintain equipment at their end sufficient to support the Clientís contracted connectivity. The Provider is not in the business of selling or maintaining Client hardware, but will post and update a web page (vendors.html) of experienced, knowledgeable vendors and recommended equipment. The Provider does, from time to time, place equipment orders with these venders and, at such times, Clients may have the option of piggy-backing their orders on a "pass through" cost basis, i.e. the Provider does not add additional charges or fees for this transaction.


The Client understands that connectivity is provided for Clientís use only and is not intended for resale to outside users, clients, associates or any other person or business without a specific Resellers Agreement.


In lieu of advertising expenses, five percent (5%) of the fees paid by a referral will be credited to the account of the Client identified by the referral after each month of service to the referral. Itís our way of saying thank you for helping us grow.


For six month agreements, should the Client decide to discontinue services before the end of the contracted service period, the unused portion of the fees, pro rated monthly, will be promptly refunded and services discontinued.



City: State:
Zip: Phone:
Signature: Date:

Provider Name: Michael Wallis, President Wallis International Networking Services PO Box 61642 Sunnyvale, CA 94-88-1642 (408) 993-7722 Signature: Date:

What to do next:

If you've filled out the above form, please print it off and mail it to the address above. PacBell prefers that we have a signed request for service. We'll email you upon receipt and get the accounts set up, assign IPs as necessary and order any phone lines needed to support your Agreement.

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